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Oman. Travelogues

It was a very interesting sightseeing tour of Oman. The Sun was very benign and the sea very welcoming. The whole trip lasted several hours, but the impressions it engendered would be lasting for years to come. The hues and tinges of the Flora and of the sunset and of the oceanic Fauna… It is an absolutely unforgettable experience! And it would be very interesting to explore Oman more in the future.


Oman cliffs


Oman Pearls

Peter Friesen


Oman is served by several international airlines from Europe. Oman is difficult to reach by land. When entering Oman, a visa is required. EU citizens must apply for it electronically before entering the country. The price of a tourist visa depends on the length of stay.

Long-distance public transport is handled by buses. Between the larger cities, buses usually run only once or three times a day, as many Omanis have private vehicles. There are also collective taxis on shorter routes that leave when they are full.

Tourists may use one of the numerous taxis, which are very cheap because of the low gasoline prices and therefore often also take trips to more remote places. There are no railways in Oman.

Oman is now well equipped with hotels. Double rooms can be booked starting from 40 euros.

Restaurants, snack stalls and coffee houses are mostly run by Indians or Pakistanis. They are cheap and generally offer a good meal. In larger places, especially in the capital region, there are also specialized restaurants. Large hotels usually offer half board.

In the so-called hypermarkets one may alternatively get pre-cooked meals all day long. In restaurants, Arabic food is rarely meatless, so vegetarians in Indian restaurants have a better chance. Beyond the larger cities, there is almost always an offer, but rather simple and without much choice.

As in most Muslim countries, alcohol consumption is prohibited in Oman, but it is served in hotels and tourist camps.

Oman travellers enjoy deserts, picturesque valleys (wadis) in spectacular mountain landscapes, oases, ancient fortresses and forts, ruins of ancient mud settlements, markets and beaches.

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