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Three Hundred Meters of the World Literature

Go Vegan - 400 steps

...There are about 400 - 406 steps between Nikolai Nekrasov's museum at Liteynij prospect - 24 and the apartment building at Liteynij prospect - 36, where Poet Joseph Brodsky lived for 17 years of his life.

During my previous visit to Saint Petersburg in December 2020 I was quite disappointed, that quite nice and cute Vegan fast food stalls at the “Etazi” (in Russian language: «Этажи») Vegan street food enclave at Ligovskij prospect in Saint Petersburg got closed. The ones, which had the best (in my opinion) menu and the most customer friendly prices… Probably, some of those stalls got reopened. During my visiting the beautiful, full of history City on the Neva river on October 8th – 11th, 2021 I did not have enough time to revisit “Etazi”. But! But! But!!! …During the daytime on October 15th, 2021 I went to the “Etazi” and realized, that what I liked about it and also about the adjacent eateries – cafes is gone. Hopefully, not forever, but right now it does not exist. But I discovered VeganGo!!! VeganGo… Marvelous and lovely!!! And I discovered VeganGo cafe right opposite the Nekrasov museum on Litejnij prospect – 43! (in Russian language: «Литейный проспект – 43»). Everybody interested in things Vegan must vi sit it. Beautiful menu. 24/7. Gorgeous variety of traditional and creative Vegan extravaganzas! The prices... Of course, they always can be better, but these are the best Vegan eatery prices in the Russian Federation of nowadays. Most likely the best…

400 pace steps and approximately one century of time (hundred years plus)... Just about 36500 days and nights. And of Poetic Morns and of dusky Nordic twilights. ...No... there was not any numerical connection between 400 pace steps and the costs of any dishes in Vegan Go. Combined, compound, mixed together, infused whatsoever. Simply about 400 meters of terrestrial distance, simply about one hundred years of celestial distance, which meted out and involved in themselves the best and most outstanding Poetic thoughts, both rhymed and in prose. The measurements of excellence, achievements and accomplishments of Russian, English and French languages, not depending to which stately borders they do belong.

I was also quite pleased with the presentation of the dietary items: avocado sushi, teriyaki seitan rice. And, of course, falafel and the seitan pita. And those very cutely looking vegan dishes are being served in the milieu, which is being designed as reminiscent of the jungles, tropical rain forest. Or reminiscent of the green meadow! And again the museum – apartment of Nikolai Alekseyevich Nekrasov is right across the road! There the “Sovremennik” (“Contermporary” – in Russian language «Современник») magazine was perceived and started! Partaking from the avocado sushi and the falafel I was thinking about all the historic literary grand personae, who visited this house just about thirty meters from my table. Thus, for myself I also decided, that VeganGo is also very poetic place, full of literature. Go Saint Petersburg! Go Nekrasov! Go "Sovremennik"! Go Vegan! 24/7. The city never sleeps! Most likely the best Vegan fast food cafeteria in the former USSR...

This year on December 21st is the 200th birthday of Nikolai Alekseyevich Nekrasov. A very good, perfect reason to celebrate! In Go Vegan at Litejnij prospect – 43! (in Russian language: «Литейный проспект – 43»)! Just across the street!!! Poetic approach to the culinary, Vegan, health matters. Joseph Brodsky did pay great respect and reverence to the culinary matters. He wrote: “One must learn cooking soup!” («Надо научиться готовить суп!»). And the porcini cream Vegan soup is most likely so delightful in Go Vegan. Like the other vegan soups from its versatile menu. By the way, the seitan sushi in Go Vegan do cost about 209 rubles per set from eight pieces. And Go Vegan roll about 249 rubles. Both dietary creations are quite elegant, tasty and extravagant. Albeit, I also did come to the conclusion, that Falafel, no matter how much I am in love with it, is not such an excellent ingredient for sushi, compared with seitan, let us say. Verbatim I want to exclaim in Vegan extolling: "Go Vegan seitan sushi roll!" VeganGo! Go Poetry!!! Round the clock!

Petr Friesen